|| SENZA TE ||

Senza te in Italian means Without you and represents a series of four minimalist, suggestive, black & white wine labels, adapted for red and white wine. The most important element represented in all labels is the lonely human silhouette. It suggests the ego and the inner state of a man that aspires to perfection and personal fulfilment. The strong emotions of longing determine the soul to suffer a whole metamorphosis, so each label portraits a certain condition of the lonely human, that perceives the surrounding world colourless because of the void in his heart from missing his soulmate.

   Senza te  romantico– represents the romantic and melancholic  dreamer, wandering on the narrow Venetian streets, longing and being nostalgic for his lost love; but also hoping that will find a new one in the Italian city of love. The label goes perfectly with Pinot noir and Pinot grigio wines.


   Senza te minimalista– is the pragmatic, simple, austere and very elegant man. In love with freedom, he aspires to conquer the pure mindfulness and knowledge by letting go of any unneeded thing from his inner and surrounding world. We related this label with Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat wines.


   Senza te persuasivo– symbolizes the persevering man, who never gives up his dreams and aspirations, is the one who faces with enthusiasm any obstacle in his path, and overcomes himself to become worthy of the love and life that he aspires for. The stairs are the symbol of ascension and perfection. This label's message goes well with Shiraz and Sauvignon blanc wines.


   Senza te solitario– portraits the solitary loner, who detaches himself from the hustle and bustle of the city, from people that don’t understand him and delights himself in sweet memories and in the company of a Merlot or Chardonnay.